I was so excited to hear that there was an Eric Carle Exhibit here in Seoul! One of the kindergarten classes at my school went there as a field trip. I love his books and especially his illustrations. I had a chance to go with my cousin and her daughter. Soo much fun! Did you know that he has a museum in Amherst, Massachusetts as well? I must check it out, the next times I’m near there.

This art exhibit ends September 9th! So make sure you check it out if you are an Eric Carle fan. This would be a great field trip for lower elementary school classes. However, it’s a bit small, so you should probably make reservations before hand. They also have an art studio where you can sign up for art classes!

More information: Eric Carle Exhibit

Eric Carle also has a blog where he writes about this exhibit! Eric Carle blog

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

While I was searching online, I discovered an English website on fun places to take kids. I thought it might be helpful for our readers here in Seoul:   http://kidsfuninseoul.wordpress.com/

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A foodie, blogger, educator, photographer and dreamer from NY, who moved from to Seoul and then Singapore to follow her dreams. Remember to dream big! @jeeyoung_kim teachtoinspire.wordpress.com twoapplesaday.org

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  1. julia says:

    It was a lot of fun! Children are allowed to run around and even scream! hahaha

  2. There is another exhibit of his at Seongnam Arts Center if you’re interested in checking it out! It is more like a gallery exhibit of his work and isn’t as hands-on for the kids, so it is quieter. :)


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