The Joy of Teaching Probability

I thought I would mix it up a bit and throw in a post about math. Now, if I am one hundred percent honest with you, I am not the biggest fan of teaching this subject. It might have something to do with my school’s math curriculum (I will let you know when I have the chance to teach a different one!).  I usually try to supplement the lessons from the curriculum with things I create or learn from other colleagues.

One thing I have started implementing this year is giving my students the chance to take notes at the start of every chapter. There is always new vocabulary to learn, so at the beginning of a new unit I create a handout of the key terms they are going to learn. During the first lesson I make them write down the definitions and examples to go along with each new vocabulary word. It helps them practice listening, and writing, and it gives them something to take home to help them with their homework. Win, win, win. They don’t always understand it when they are writing it, but as the unit progresses the light bulbs start clicking (my FAVORITE part of teaching? The light bulbs!).

This upcoming week we are starting our unit on probability. Here is a sample of the worksheet I am giving them on the first day:

Probability Vocabulary Worksheet

If you clicked on the worksheet you will see bags with circles, those are marbles that I am going to have them fill in with different colors, for example the square with the vocabulary word “certain” is going to have all red marbles and the sentence will be, “It is certain that you will pull out a red marble”.

I will leave you with my math word wall (because Jee Young and I just love pictures), which desperately needs to be updated… my bad!

Also, I thought it would fun to put in a plug for Jee Young ( and my ( personal blogs. Jee Young talks more about teaching and relating it to her life, and mine is more for my photography and life in Korea. If you like us here, you will LOVE us there^^ Also, why have we not gotten freshly pressed yet, (we are so all over WordPress)? I have no idea!


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