What Makes You Brave?

For our elementary school’s Read Across America day, we always choose our own theme. We also have a chance to teach other classes from different grades as they rotate classrooms. The theme this year was author Kevin Henkes. I read the Kevin Henkes story, Sheila, The Brave. After reading the book, I asked students how Sheila was brave in the story. Then, on chart paper, we wrote down what it means to be brave. I explained that we would be making a collage about how we are brave or want to be brave. I did this activity with 3rd to 5th grade students.

Here is my collage that I made to model to my students. I actually had a lot of fun doing it!

Then, the students were given white paper and old magazines to cut out photos and words from. I am always amazed by my students’ creativity!


8 thoughts on “What Makes You Brave?

  1. Love this post!! I will use this brilliant with my 3rd graders. Thanks for the WRAD link (http://litworld.org/worldreadaloudday) earlier. We are hooked up with an author–thanks to you. As you know, being brave and learning how to be brave are themes in my life right now. Hearing from someone who is actually living out what courage means is such a boost. Thanks!

    • jee young says:

      That’s great to hear that you enjoyed the post! Please let me know how the lesson goes with your kids! 🙂 Also, glad you signed up for the world read aloud day!

      • Thanks Jee Young! Here’s the link to our exchange with our WRAD author:


        I also adapted your collage to fit the story, “Leah’s Pony” by Elizabeth Friedrich about a girl who gives up something she loves to help save her family from ruin. Here are some photos of my students’ collages:


  2. Do you know the book Courage by Bernard Waber? He gives many examples of what courage is. There are many Courage is . . . statements from different points of view. A good discussion could be is courage and brave the same?

    • jee young says:

      I haven’t heard of it. It sounds like a good book to use with Sheila, The Brave! Thanks for the recommendation Elsie!

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