KONY 2012

My original plan for today was to write another post about our Read Across APIS day last Friday, where we celebrated books by author Kevin Henkes. One of the great things about working in international schools, is the idea that you can take pieces of culture from different parts of the world and make them your own at your school, which is pretty much what we did when we organized this event.

I am veering off my original plan to show you a short film by Invisible Children (to like them on Facebook CLICK HERE). Jee Young and I have been really blessed the past month, we have gotten a lot more hits than I expected over this short time and because of that I hope this video reaches even more than if I just shared it on my Facebook wall. It is heartbreaking and heartwarming. The idea that this started with just one man’s vision to see justice for children in Uganda inspires me to continue fostering my dreams to make a difference in the education system in the Philippines. Watch the video, you will be inspired.

Their goal is to get 500,000 shares of this video…***UPDATE*** and within a week they received more than 91 million! Because of this there has been a lot of backlash and critiques on the video and organization (Invisible Children), which have all been addressed on the NGO’s website. I am still a huge supporter, and I hope all of the criticisms do not take away from this worthy cause, and the heart behind it.


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