31 Days of Writing

I’m already on day 11. It’s been a busy month of March. I’ve been blogging every day for the slice of life challenge hosted by Two Writing Teachers. It’s a blogging challenge they do every month in March. The challenge is to write every single a day a “slice of life” and to post it on your blog. I love this challenge in so many ways. This is my second year participating in it.  Here are reasons why I love this challenge and why you should join next March! (Sorry, I should have posted this before the challenge started…)

1) Nurturing the writer within. As a teacher of writing, I think that it’s so important to continue to write. Why not practice what you preach. I know I need to do a better job of keeping up with my writer’s notebook. This challenge helps me get back into a routine of writing and remembering what it’s like to just W R I T E.

2) Building your readership & blogging community. Even after the challenge ends, I continue to try to read many of the bloggers that I’ve met through the challenge. Plus, it’s a great way to meet other bloggers and build your network/PLC.

3) COMMENTS!  I got over 30 comments on my first post this year! I was blown away. It’s always so encouraging when people leave comments no matter how short or long. It really helps affirm me as a writer. Comments fuel the writer!

4) Everyone has a story to share. I know some of you might be saying, I’m not a writer. I have nothing to write about. It’s NOT true! Everyone has a story that needs to be heard. Yes, some of the things I write about maybe trivial, but it’s all part of my s t o r y. Through this challenge already, I’ve written about so many things that are deep and dear to my  heart. I’m reminded that I write, not only to be heard, but to help me process and reflect on this amazing journey we are on.

5) Prizes! Yes, there are prizes as well! If you slice everyday and put your blog post link on the two writing teachers blog each day, you get a chance to be entered in the raffle at the end of the challenge to win some amazing prizes including professional books, hand stamped moleskin notebooks, books and more. 🙂


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