The Beauty of Pocket Charts

If you were to ask me what an essential classroom item to have is, I would give you a list a mile long! But near the top of that mile long list you would be sure to see… POCKET CHARTS! There are so many things you can do with pocket charts. You can display the daily schedule, classroom jobs, writing and reading partners, or do sentence activities during writing workshop (comes in handy especially during your poetry unit).

Here are some of my pocket charts showing a few of these examples:

(In the last photo you may notice clothespins attached to the students’ names. They have labels like: cushion, rug, desk, and chair. These labels stand for the student’s reading spot for the week. I know some teachers assign a certain reading spot for the year, but my kiddies are too young. They want a turn sitting in the cute little chairs, or on the new soft rug… so we change it up weekly and it really works for them!)

What do you use pocket charts for? Please share!


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