More Tips for Beginner Bloggers!

We had a chance to share some of our expertise on blogging a few weeks ago at KORCOS. We have some of the tips we shared here on our blog.  Since then, there is one really helpful tip that I wanted to add. This is actually not hard to do, but I finally found out how to add a gallery to your WordPress blog. It’s too bad that it took me so long to realize that we have this function on WordPress. It would have been so helpful if I had known earlier. Well, instead of making you scroll down a million pictures, I can just embed this simple gallery or slide show into my post!


1) Click on the ADD MEDIA button. Choose and upload all the photos that you want in your gallery.

2) After they have all uploaded, click on save all changes.

3) If you want them as a gallery, decide how many columns you want and the order. Then,  click on INSERT GALLERY.

4) If you want them as a slide show, just click on INSERT SLIDE SHOW.

Here are how the two options work! The first is the gallery option. If you click on the thumbnail version, it opens up. The second is the slideshow option. I hoe you enjoy some of my photos. The musical one is taken by Melody and the rest are from a recent field trip we took to Seoul Tower.

Which one do you prefer? Do you have any other tips for beginner bloggers out there?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


3 thoughts on “More Tips for Beginner Bloggers!

    • melody says:

      Jee youngs link doesn’t show up clearly Sharon, if you can’t see it (the red disappears in the red^^!)… this is a link for a site that let’s you make slide shows and collages. As far as being able to do it from the actual blogger site, it allows you to upload photos and videos… but not as slideshows (you would have to make it first on the site jee young links in her comment…)

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