Reflection on EARCOS 2011

Greetings from sunny Thailand! (Well technically it is dark, being that it is nighttime, but I know it will be sunny in the morning^^). Tomorrow is the beginning of EARCOS 2012, and I am pretty excited to get my professional development on. I even brought a pen.

But in all seriousness, having the chance to attend the EARCOS conference for the second year in a row is absolutely thrilling. As I prepare myself, I find I am reflecting on everything I took away from last year’s conference. I went to many amazing workshops (where I was educated on why it is important for children to get a full night sleep, better writing workshop practices, and how I could be the author of a book just by going online and selling it through Amazon for Kindle! I have yet to do that…), but the most exciting parts of the conference for me, were the keynote speakers: Geoff Green (I had no idea how badly I wanted to go to Antartica-or that I wanted to go at all- until last year!), Fred Mednick, and Michael Thompson blew me away!

I was especially interested in what Michael Thompson (co-author of Raising Cain) had to say. You see, last year I had a particular difficult class, especially when it came to my boy students. From what Michael Thompson talked about, I learned so much about the difference in teaching boys and girls, after a bit more research I was able to give a presentation to the elementary faculty department at my school when I came back (when I come back from this trip I am going to insert the ppt. I used into this post, but sadly it is on my work computer, and praise God, I am not at work right now!).

I know there is still so much I need to learn about this topic, if you have any resources please share. Now, who is joining me tomorrow at EARCOS?!


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