One way to create a Community

International schools around the world vary in their campus lay out. One thing I like (and at times dislike) about the international school I work at, is the fact that K-12 grades are all in the same building.

This provides a great opportunity for upper grade levels to be role models, and teach, younger grade levels. I have had high school students from a calculus class come in and measure  my student’s hands, and teach them about history, and I have had middle school students present about ancient Aztec times.

A couple of months ago, one of our science teachers asked the entire faculty to put up posters her students made in their classrooms, bringing an awareness to recycling and saving resources. As soon as I placed the student posters around my room, my students asked me about them. They had learned about natural resources at the beginning of the year, and they loved to see older students talking about the same thing.

What are some things you do to create a community of learners amongst your school?


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