Back to School Supplies: What’s in your Teaching Bag?

Going home almost every summer is incredible helpful for stocking up on teacher supplies! The top items on my list this year were:

-A stapler (really, at the very top- you know how much teachers staple… I had to get a nice one!)

-Those awesome large post-its that have become super popular (my grade teaching partner introduced me to them)

-Library card pockets (you know what I am talking about? I don’t know what else to call them)

-Word strips (I just love them!)

-Door decorating goodies

-And some type of ELL game/activity for teaching my boy at the orphanage

I love the Teachers Center!

I am overstocked on borders, posters, and blank books (Jee Young introduced me to the site, check it out for some great options of blank/lined books), but I realized when I came back my collection of stickers has seriously dwindled. Tears!

I was able to have a nice long Skype conversation with Jee Young this week, and it sounds like her new school is the BOMB. (Which in teacher terms, means she has a LOT of resources). But if you are in Korea, teacher resources are very limited.

What are the availability of resources in other countries? Do you make a mental list of what you want to get in the States (or your home country) like me?

I start teaching at my new school on Monday (this week is orientation and prepping my classroom). I went from second grade to kindergarten (and I had no idea until this week), who can give me advice on teaching the little ones? HELP!


One thought on “Back to School Supplies: What’s in your Teaching Bag?

  1. jee young says:

    Yes, my school does have an amazing amount of resources, but I still brought some of my own stuff like fun stickers, cute borders, teacher postcards, thank you cards and colorful popsicle sticks! I also found a great monthly calendar at target that’s really cute!

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