Kindergarten Number Activity

Even if/when I am on top of my lesson planning, I feel like my more creative or DIY ideas come to me during my walk to work the day I am teaching that particular lesson. I mean, this happens ALL THE TIME. Anyone feel me on this?

And such was the case today. My kindergarteners have been learning the numbers 0-9 since the beginning of the year. Now, they are trying to match the symbol of the number, with its word form. They are also learning phonics and how to blend letters together and how to stretch words apart, etc.

Yesterday, I made a worksheet for them where they had to match the right number to its word counterpart. Some of them really struggled, even though when I told them to write the word of the number out (before they got the worksheet), they were able to do it. I was confused.

I decided to create another activity to give them more practice, and it is one I will use during center time as well. It had me laminating during all of my break time today!

Basically, they had to spell out each word and place it with the right number symbol, they loved using their hands and the entire floor!

Sorry for the quality of the pictures, I left my camera at home today 😦

Anyone else willing to share number activities for kindergarten? I am all ears!


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