Pinterest for Teachers

I jumped on the pinterest bandwagon last year because it was like a visual twitter site for me. I love that you can pin things by looking at photos. I’m much more of a visual learner! However, recently, besides using it to pin cute outfits, accessories and photos, I’m finding a lot more education related resources. It seems like more educators are using pinterest and it’s a great resource to find ideas for your classroom! Since we love freebies as teachers, I wanted to share some of the great things I’ve found. So check out my classroom inspiration board on my pinterest.

Also, I finally got the genious idea to put a pinterest sharing button on each of our two apples a day post! I created a two apples a day board on my page and started pinning our posts. So if you have a blog, I would highly recommend you do that! It will be a great way to help spread word of your blog as people “pin” your posts. Check out our two apples a day board and repin us!

If you have a pinterest board you want to share with us with education related resources, leave it in the comments section. We can share it out on our blog as well!


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