Taking a Moment to Pause and Give Thanks

First of all, I hope everyone had a very happy thanksgiving that involved a lot of good food and time with the people you love!

Second of all, I wanted to take a moment from my busy Sunday night to pause and give thanks. For some reason, I always manage to bring piles of work home on the weekend and it ends up untouched until very late on a Sunday night!  I knew I could brush off my blogging for another day, but I felt that I should post.

Thank you to all of our blog supporters! Melody and I started this blog in January of this year. We are reaching our 1 year blogiversary in a little over a month! I admit that it’s been hard keeping up with blogging after moving to Singapore and starting at a new school. I know Melody has been super busy as well with her new job! However, we are thankful for all of your continued support. Thank you to all of you who subscribe by e-mail(49 people),  like us on facebook (209 people), leave comments and support us! We are so thankful for all the thousands of people from literally all over the world who have stopped by.  Take a look at the clustermap. Plus, we’ve had 18,272 hits on our blog page! Hopefully we can reach the 1 million mark in the near future! 😉





We are still looking for more guest bloggers! Leave us a comment if you are interested.


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