A Revelation on Sharing

I had a revelation over my winter break. My students need more time to share with each other what they are doing. That is why I love reading and writing workshop (this curriculum hasn’t been implemented at my current job, but I have taught it in the past, and I am itching to get back to it!).

When student’s share their work, they are able to articulate exactly what they are learning and doing at school. They also learn from each other. Better presentation skills, better listening skills, it just makes better learning.

One thing I am going to aim for during the second half of this school year is to give my students more time to share. It is something that easily gets forgotten in the hustle and bustle of getting every lesson in. I have a lot of instructional time since my school only has one 45 minute special class per day, time to take advantage!

Which is what I have started to do this first week back in school. My students are learning how to compliment each other’s writing (the constructive criticism will come much later ^^), read in a clear voice, and talk about the details of their story and what they are going to write next. They are excited to share their stories too, I just absolutely love it.

photo1 photo2

What are some ways you have your students share their work? I bet there are so many creative ways from the younger students to the older elementary students. More posts to come on ways I get my students to share!

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