Getting Ready for Valentine’s Day!


I didn’t know it until I started teaching, but Valentine’s Day is actually my favorite holiday! I had no idea. The thing is growing up, I always had amazing experiences involving the day of love. Every year I got a Valentine in the mail from my grandparents with a two dollar bill inside (yep, back when those existed), and I got to go to Chuck-E-Cheeses.  This involved eating pizza and playing in the balls while my mom and other home-schooling moms put together goodie bags of candy and dispersed the Valentines we had written for our friends into our awesomely decorated boxes (I spent DAYS decorating my box). I couldn’t wait to open up all of the love-notes from my friends and eat my candy. I mean, chocolate = love… right?

We had an extra long weekend due to the Lunar New Year (I am leaning toward a three-day work week, every week). So, very last-minute, I am prepping my classroom for the holiday.

I found an amazing site, with a ton of links to Valentine’s Day Joy, it’s a crazy link party!

I found a page with free alphabet bunting, and I am in the process of making a cute sign to string up.


Want some cute coloring pages for your students (in case they whip out their finished Valentines faster than the other students perhaps?). Check out these free coloring pages.


I also plan on playing BINGO with my students on V-Day because I found this really cute free printable.


What do you plan on doing with your students?

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2 thoughts on “Getting Ready for Valentine’s Day!

  1. I’ll be making some last minute valentine’s day treats tonight if I have time! :T It really has crept up on me…especially with our long weekend too!
    Here’s my pinterest page with some fun valentine’s day crafts as well!

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