Social Studies in the International Classroom

Hello! Does anyone else find it hard to teach an American curriculum in an international classroom, especially when it comes to Social Studies? My students are still really young, and they have almost no grid for America. Everything in our curriculum constantly points to the names of the states, the white house, the statue of liberty, and the liberty bell, and so on and so forth. Obviously, there are things that are relate-able and easily transferable… like communities, and citizens, and laws, etc.

BUT I find myself searching for more and more extra activities to do during Social Studies to help “fill in the blanks” and have it make sense to them. Right now we are discussing the past and the present, how things have changed, what does a long, long time ago mean, lalala. This morning I found CrissCross Applesauce in First Grade and a couple of years ago Holly made this awesome freebie. I am totally doing it today! I will update this post later with some of their pictures (if they are cute, haha).


As an international teacher, what do you do when you teach social studies?!



My favorite response was when my kindergarten girl said, “When I was a baby I could drink my mommy’s milk!”

timeline2 timeline1

timeline3 timeline4

timeline5 timeline6


One thought on “Social Studies in the International Classroom

  1. It’s definitely a struggle having to teach U.S. history when you are at an international schools and some of the students don’t really know much about the U.S. Something that we are doing at my school is comparing U.S. history with Singapore history, making it more relevant and applicable in the classroom. 🙂

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