Why do we write?

A simple question I asked my kindergarten students yesterday.

These were their responses (in order, and almost word for word):

  • We write to practice writing books, because God might tell us to be an author
  • We write to learn
  • We write so we don’t look at what other people write
  • So we can write what we are thinking
  • We write to learn our letters
  • If a person is sad, we can cheer them up by writing a funny story
  • So they can learn more and so that when we write we don’t try peaking (at what others write)
  • If we grow up  and we don’t know how to write we won’t know what to do (at this my youngest boy said, “Yes, that makes sense, I think!” It was so cute)
  • If we don’t know how to write the word we think with our head and write
  • Sometimes, if we want to write a letter to God and we don’t know how to write we can’t do that

why write 1 why write 2 why write 3

The kinders have spoken. What do you think? Why do we write?



5 thoughts on “Why do we write?

  1. Carolyn Brown says:

    Thank you for sharing, Melody. Your kids answers are much more compelling and convincing that George Orwell’s, but you reminded me of his essay, “Why I Write,” which I read and enjoyed in university. Personally I write because it is in my nature to want to record my thoughts and musings so that I can share them with others (including God :)) But then again, maybe I’m a *little* vain, as Orwell insists.

    Here is the Orwell essay:


    Melody, can you invite my mom to join your blog? She is a former first grade teacher and I think she would really enjoy following you. The technology is still outside my comfort zone, though, so please tell me if I did this wrong (is it public or did this message just go to you?)

    My mom’s email address is bbrown8628@msn.com. In the subject line, just put a friend of Carolyn’s or something so she knows it’s not spam! 🙂

    Have a good week and thanks again for sharing. Tell your kids I said keep writing!


    • melody says:

      Every one sees this comment^^ I will e-mail your mom for you, though you could also send her the blog address too!

  2. Carolyn Brown says:

    I wanted to also tell you I quoted your kids in my speech today at the annual Quill and Scroll banquet. 🙂 They inspired me!

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