Why do we read?

The day after I asked my students why we write, I asked the next logical question. Why do we read? You can tell who gave similar responses to the first question, Why do we write?

Again, these are their word for word responses:

  • Because we can then write words
  • To get smart
  • To be a strong reader
  • So we can learn more words
  • And we could learn more how to write stuff when we are writing our stories
  • Because God might tell us to be an author/reader
  • To be good at writing
  • When someone is sad we can read them a funny book
  • We read to understand the story by using the pictures (“Yes, that is very important!” youngest boy chimes in)
  • Because when we get to second grade we can read cursive in books
  • We need to understand words
  • We need to learn all by ourselves
  • So we can read to Ms. Welton

I love listening to my students. Their responses always surprise and impress me. Why do YOU read?

This diagram was floating around Facebook last week. I thought it was interesting. I want my students to grow up to be successful!




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