The Inquiry Cycle on Display

My new first grade teaching partner this year is going to teach me a lot of fun new things, I can already tell.

Here is a picture I took of her inquiry cycle board after our first six-week unit:


Pretty amazing right? The students were able to see a visual fill up week by week as they journeyed through the inquiry cycle that is tuning in, finding out, sorting out, going further, making conclusions (reflection), and taking action.

I obviously had to create a board like this in my own room. Here is what it looks like after we  had our tuning in learning engagements for the first week of our Sharing the Planet unit with the central idea: Mini beasts play a role in our lives.


While this is on the back wall of my room, my lines of inquiry, key concepts, etc. are displayed in front of the room:


You’ll notice that under my central idea I have it translated into Korean, Chinese, and Japanese. I have students in my classroom who speak very little English, during this unit I had them guess what words they thought would be in our central idea, many of them said “mini beasts” and were very excited to hear what the central idea was, then when students heard it in their mother tongue they got even more excited.

The questions on post it notes are questions my students wrote when they came into our changed classroom atmosphere the first day of our unit. I love giving time for my students to ask questions!

How do you display your inquiry cycle in your PYP classroom? How do you have students ask and answer wondering questions?


*Here is what my board looked like at the end of the unit!



10 thoughts on “The Inquiry Cycle on Display

    • Ruchika says:

      Thankx for sharing the wall. I am very new to pyp, looking for different ideas and resourses for the theme who we are. Please help!
      By any chance do you have any ppt for orientation day.

      • melody says:

        Hi Ruchika! I have been out of the IB world for several years now and I miss it so much! I am sure there are a number of other blogs with resources and ideas for Who We Are. I would check out pinterest and instagram, good luck! Also my ppt for orientation day ended up stuck in the google drive of my old school that I no longer have access too. Cheers!

  1. sarahmm says:

    I just pinned one of these photos on my board on Pinterest and then thought… That looks familiar; when I went to look further, I realized this was your blog. I love you Melody! Thank you for inspiring me today 🙂

  2. Hi. This looks great! Just a question, at the end is that a rep of where all your students got up to (different stages) or is that the work done along the way and you have a collaborative piece in the making sense phase?

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