Blogging for Beginners

Tips for beginner bloggers!

On March 9, 2012, Melody & I will be leading a workshop called “Blogging for Beginners” at the KORCOS conference for international school educators in Korea. This is a one day conference taking place at Chadwick International School. We thought that it would be a good idea to post the tips that we will be sharing at the workshop.

#1: Start small and simple.

It’s easy to want to do a lot of different things at first. For the first few months, just try to get into a routine of blogging at least once a week or more. Keep your entries interesting, to the point, and include photos or graphics. No one wants to read pages and pages of text.

#2: Tell your friends & family.

Start building up your readership by e-mailing your friends and family. Encourage them to subscribe to your blog or through google reader. Make sure to link your blog to your Facebook account, so every time you have a new post, it will show up on your Facebook feed.

#3: Build an outside audience.

Start tweeting! Yes, TWITTER. If you are not signed up yet, do it now! Twitter can really help build up an audience of readers for your blog.  You can have wordpress automatically tweet a link to every new blog post.

#4: Get to know other bloggers.

Include other people you know on your blog roll. Find other blogs that are similar to yours and leave comments. Building friendships with other bloggers can only help you. 🙂

#5: Be patient.

Blogging is not an overnight thing. It takes time to build a readership. Keep blogging and you’ll see it grow!

*For links to different blogging sites check out our teacher resources page.


8 thoughts on “Blogging for Beginners

  1. Melody and Jee,

    Great tips! I’ve recently started blogging and your suggestions are fantastic.At the moment, I’m trying to get into the routine of writing. I only blog bout the things that really matter to me and I enjoy writing so much! Building an audience has been more difficult, but many of my friends and colleagues are very supportive.I suppose I must be patient. and, little by little, it’ll grow.

    Even though I’m an English as a Foreign Language teacher who works with teenagers and adults in Argentina, I find most of your posts very interesting. In case you want to see what I’m writing about, just visit my blog:

    Thanks for sharing the tips here. Hugs from Argentina!


    • jee young says:

      Hi Ana,

      Thanks so much for checking out our blog and leaving a comment! That’s great to hear that you just started blogging and you enjoy writing. Yes, patience is important ! I’ll be checking out your blog frequently! We’ll be starting a blog roll of other teachers soon, and we will make sure to include yours!

      jee young

  2. Melody and Jee,
    I hope your blogging workshop turns out great! I met Jee in a teacher blogging challenge through Edublogs last year. Joining a blogging challenge is another tip to making connections with other educators through blogging.

    I blogged for a whole year before I started to follow the tips suggested in your post. When I did get to know other bloggers, especially through Twitter, the visits to my blog increased ten fold in one year.

    Anyway, I hope your workshop goes great, and I’ll be anxious to read about it!


    • jee young says:

      Thanks so much Denise for your encouragement! I definitely agree that joining a blogging challenge is a great tip. I will add it to the list! 🙂 Also, we will definitely post about our presentation.

  3. fobwannabe says:

    wish i would have known about this. are you going to do another one? also, this is out of the blue, but can you place people into hakwons?

    • melody says:

      I am sorry for such a late reply, we cannot place people in hagwons… and since Jee Young is currently in Singapore, I am not sure when we will do another workshop 🙂

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