Tips for the Advanced Blogger

Tips for the Advanced Blogger!

Once you feel like you have set up your own blog and are ready to try some new things, this is for YOU!

1) Create your own customized header either by putting a photo or creating your own image with your blog title on it. You will have to use Adobe Photoshop or a free online photo editing site (Picnik) to add text

2) Connect your blog to your Facebook and/or Twitter site so that it will automatically update each time you have a new post. Go to your Dashboard –> Settings –> Sharing

3) Add Clustr Map to track the number of hits and countries of people that have been on your blog.

4) Add a poll to your blog post to get feedback and interaction with readers. Just click on the Poll button next to the photo/music button next to Upload/Insert.

5) Add fun buttons and blinkies to your blog using html code. Here are some free ones that we love: shabby blogs


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