Jerusalem Ministry Soccer Camp

Many of us grew up being part of soccer leagues, little league or going to sports camps. It wasn’t such a big deal. However, for the boys growing up in the orphanages in Seoul, it’s not something they get to experience. However, in July, Jerusalem Ministry holds a soccer camp for boys from the different orphanages in Seoul. They get to wear fancy new uniforms and soccer cleats. They get a coach and play in a soccer tournament. It’s something that many of them look forward to all year.

This year, the soccer camp is taking place from July 18-20th. It will be on the Yongsan military base. They are hoping to get about 40 volunteers and 44 students to participate. They are also looking for organizations that are interested in helping sponsor this camp as well. A few years ago, Smokey’s Saloon (burger place) sponsored a dinner for the winning team and coaches!

Even though both Melody and I will be back home in the States, we hope to spread the word about this camp!  This is a great chance to get involved in this organization especially if you enjoy soccer and are interested in coaching a team. I know you will have an amazing time with these incredible kids! For more information, please go to their website.  Here is a video from last year’s camp!


Sweet Spring Benefit Concert

If you like good music, a good cause, and you live in Seoul, you should come out to the Sweet Spring Benefit Concert. It’s happneing on Saturday, April 14th, at 7pm at Jang Cheon Art Hall in Apkujeong. Each ticket costs 50,000KRW and all proceeds go to create a scholarship fund for orphans who want to go to college. This is all part of Jerusalem Ministry’s fundraising for their non-profit organization that focuses on helping the orphans in Korea.

There are many orphans here in Korea that live in the orphanages up until they graduate high school. Once they graduate, they are on their own. They do get minimal financial support from the government, but they need to pay for housing,  university and living costs. The money that they receive is not enough to cover their costs, so many of them have to find jobs. It is not easy working jobs, attending school and supporting themselves right out of high school.  As you can imagine, some of these orphans have difficulty and some of them don’t finish college. The money raised from this concert will create funds to support the orphans’ college education cost. Also, those students will be getting a mentor to support them through their college years, which is crucial.

Both Melody and I have been volunteering through this organization, called Jerusalem Ministry. They help set up English speaking volunteers with different orphanages in Seoul. We hope that you can help support this organization by coming out on April 14th! If not, you can still support Jerusalem Ministry through your prayers and financially.

Here is more information: Sweet Spring Concert Info.

Also, you can purchase tickets online:

Korean site

English site

Or, Melody or I can help you get tickets as well, just leave a comment! 🙂