The Act of Writing

Happy August everyone! I hope everyone is having a fabulous summer, especially if you are a teacher. You deserve the time for rest and rejuvenation. I feel like other people (non teachers) always get jealous that we have such long vacations, but honestly, if we had to do what we do, all year long with no summer break, I don’t know how we would survive! 🙂

My summer vacation is pretty much over now, so I guess it’s time to get back to blogging! This past July, I had a chance to attend the Teachers College Reading Institute. It was amazing as always. One of the keynote speakers was author Christopher Paul Curtis, who was a funny and charismatic speaker, which would be expected if you have read his books. He kept us laughing, smiling and almost crying with his keynote speech. This one thing he said that really stuck with me was how he described writing.

“Writing is an act of revelation. The more I wrote, the more revealed I would be. ”

-Christopher Paul Curtis

As he shared stories about how his writing connected and reflected his own life in many ways, I was reminded about how my writing reveals who I am. I was also reminded of the importance in keeping up my writing, especially as I am going through these big changes this year. So stay tuned for more posts, hopefully more on the summer institute and transitioning to a new school and country!


Caine’s Arcade: A Cardboard Arcade

I’ve just finished day 3 of the Teachers College Reading Institute. It has been intense, tiring, and inspirational. It’s like a much needed retreat for teachers. Of course I’m learning so much, and trying to process and make sense of everything. I’m meeting a lot of amazing educators from all over the world, plus some of my colleagues at my new school! Even though I’ve been to the summer institutes before, each time I go, I take away new revelations and nuggets that spur me to become a better teacher. I’m so thankful for all the energy, excited and encouragement that these leaders in teaching reading and writing give to us. I’m still processing everything, and I will try to post some more concrete things I’ve learned soon.

During today’s closing keynote session, Kathy Collins shared a clip from the short film Caine’s Arcade as an illustration about how she was given some much needed inspiration and hope after watching this. This was the first time I heard about this, but I guess it did go viral a while ago.

So if you haven’t seen it yet, please watch it!