I love being a guest!

A friend, and recent co-worker (as of this year!), asked me to write-up a guest post for his blog (which is on our blogroll to the leftttt), Teach Science Right. I talk about the importance of getting connected to the education world via blogs and such. Check out the link and leave some loving comments, it really is the right thing to do :  )


Our Korean Chocolate Response

So last week, I wrote about a tweet that I received that in return allowed this package to arrive in Korea for my kids. The students from Mrs. Krebs’ class in Iowa sent us some of their favorite American candy. In return, that asked us to send us some of our favorite Korean chocolates.  Here is our response of some of our favorite Korean chocolates and also some of the well known Korean snacks. I had the students write a little description about the chocolate or snack.

We mailed the package on Monday. Hopefully they will get it in a few weeks!

A hop, skip and tweet away!

Yesterday afternoon, I went to the office once I sent my students home and looked at my mailbox. To my surprise I found some snail mail in my teacher mailbox. There was a manila envelope with stamps and a green customs forms taped to it. I opened it quickly and found this letter inside with 4 pieces of candy, which originated all the way from a small hop, skip and tweet in the twitterverse.

Last week or so, I received a tweet (awesome networking tool) from another teacher in the states, asking if her students could send my class a letter! I said sure and gave her our school address. I wasn’t sure exactly what she was mailing us, but I was excited. I LOVE receiving snail mail. It’s something they are doing for their “genius hour” project. Her 7th & 8th grade students sent us a letter and some chocolate (tootsie rolls & snickers) and asked us what were our favorite chocolates.

Now, I get to share the letter with my students today and have them think about what chocolate from Korea we want to share with them. I’m excited to see what type of chocolate they will want to send. I love how technology can keep us so connected that one simple tweet can bring two classrooms across the world together!